Windows 10 Help


Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest version which is available on all of its devices such as laptops, phones, tablets and Xbox. If you have run into a problem while using Windows 10 and don’t feel like taking your laptop or PC to the service center, you do not have to! Windows 10 is equipped with various built-in support apps and software.

Getting help is easier than ever in Windows 10. The search box in the lower left corner besides the start menu helps you find information about how to use the device and discover several features that are available. If you have a complex issue which requires technical help and experience then you can directly contact Microsoft service center.

Windows 10 comes with a built-in support app called “Contact Support”. In order to execute the app you can navigate to it through the search box or through Cortana virtual assistant if you would rather talk than write. Contact Support gives technical support to its users and directs them to the solutions efficiently and effectively. Once you find your specific issue on the main page, it would direct you to Microsoft’s team where you can get detailed help.

If you do not like waiting for the Microsoft service agent to pick-up your phone call, Contact Support further provides you easier options, such as Microsoft community forums where you can post your query in order to get help in Windows 10. Or you can just setup a future estimated time when you would be available so the Microsoft team can contact time at that specific time.

Sometimes, you may have an issue which even the Microsoft team cannot assist you with. In that case, posting your questions on multiple tech websites would be a better alternative or even searching through the already posted threads on those sites.