Reasons Why it is so Important to Clean Your Mouth Before Going to Bed


Almost all of our parents have taught us well to brush our teeth in the morning, but what some of us might not realize is that it is equally important to clean them up at night before going to bed as well. For those of us whom our parents forced to or for those who never knew why it should be a habit, here is why:

1. We know that in the morning when we wake up, the bacterium stacks up in our mouths due to decay of the hydrocarbons that had entered through it throughout the day. What we do not realize is that these same bacteria need to be cleaned out before going to bed so that they do not enter your mouth at all to break down the hydrocarbons overnight.

2. When you wake up and people try to talk to you, you know how annoying it is because you do not feel like opening your mouth until you have brushed your teeth, right? Well, if you floss your teeth properly the night before, you would not face this problem and you will wake up very fresh and ready to talk.

3. Brushing our teeth before going to bed sure shines and cleans them up on the surface. However, that is not a complete mouth clean-up. What you need to do is floss with a water flosser in order to remove the food particles stuck between your teeth to prevent them from going bad overnight.

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