Have You Downloaded Dream League Soccer 2017?


Mobile phone gaming has become the new trend and people from all over the world are somehow connected to it. Whether it’s Subway Surfer on Play Store or Plants vs. Zombies on App Store people have become addicted to these games as they can play them anywhere and anytime. Football games on android and IOS devices are considered to be the most played games due to the popularity of the sport worldwide. If you are a fan of football then you must have loved FIFA by EA Sports but since FIFA has stopped producing new games many people have become discouraged. The new games that are claiming to be similar to FIFA are n where close to it and they are quite boring for people who are used to high quality games by EA Sports. Dream League Soccer has become the most played football game by fans after FIFA due to its realistic gameplay and features.

The game is now known as Dream League Soccer 2017 after its new version release in the early 2017. As the game is free-to-play, so you can’t expect HD quality graphics like FIFA or other similar games but it sure is worth downloading. The player movement is perfect when played on mobile devices and the animations are okay. The game became famous because of its customization and manual setting options. You can create your own team and choose almost any player worldwide. The players are given options to build stadium and set dates for matches played among several different teams or clubs. If you are not satisfied with the built in kits for your team players you can easily download kits and logos from the internet and incorporate it into the game to enhance your gaming experience.