Crash Lawyer


Have you ever been in a car crash and felt like you came out of the whole ordeal not just with some injuries and bad memories but also with a bad settlement deal? Do you feel that if, God forbid, you get into a major accident where some serious injury happens that the other driver will not be affected at all and that you will be left on your own to deal with the problems caused by them? Not confident that the driver who was the reason for the accident will be held accountable or that the insurance company for that driver will try to get out of actually giving you a deal that you deserve? Well in that case you need to contact a lawyers that is an expert of accidents and the workings of an insurance company, you need help from someone of the likes of Christopher Der Manuelian, an expert of accidental and personal injury law. When you go to the Law office of Christopher Der Manuelian you will be getting the best California car accident attorney.

Working on a twenty eight year old law experience, Christopher Der Manuelian is the perfect person to go to in such situations. He understands how the opposition works against you for one very good reason. He used to represent them. Formally a lawyer for insurance companies, for a period of 10 years, Christopher knows their workings inside out and knows exactly what their tactics and tricks for when they try and serve you a raw deal. Christopher Der Manuelian understands that insurance companies are trying to save as much money as they possibly can when they are taken to a settlement scenario and is there to provide you with the best legal advice and if necessary, in court representation too.